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What's new!

  • Robyn Teigman, the Jacob’s Ladder Early Childhood Director has retired after 30 years of dedication to quality education and care for the children in our community.
  • Our Late Club now includes Spanish class for our Threes and Pre-K at no extra cost to families.
  • Along with monthly mailings from PJ Library, our Jacob's Ladder library has expanded because of our Jacob's Ladder families. Throughout our 30 years, many generous families donate gently used books to our school. In addition, when families purchase books at our annual Scholastic book fairs, we use the earned Scholastic Dollars to purchase books for Jacob's Ladder. I am proud to say that our library now has over 600 books! My teachers and I are truly grateful. Thank you!


Flexible scheduling. Early Club. Late club.

Jacob’s Ladder Preschool will provide a stimulating and safe environment for children ages 18 months (Watch Us Grow interactive class) through Pre-K. Run by Director Jodi Proefriedt.

Preschool Education

  • Our program provides a creative, safe and stimulating environment for each and every child within a loving and nurturing atmosphere, allowing each child to develop individually and enjoy a positive attitude toward both himself/herself and school.
  • Our teaching staff is comprised of professionals with early childhood education and experience.
  • We have both indoor gyms and outdoor playgrounds, and a brand new arts and crafts center.

What We Do

How we Learn at Jacob's Ladder

  • We explore. We observe. We ask questions. We predict.
  • We integrate our learning experiences.
  • We reason. We hypothesize. We theorize.

Early Childhood Center

We sing, we dance, we laugh, we read. Communication is a crucial and extremely important aspect of the preschool. Newsletters are sent home throughout the year to give parents an insight into their child's classroom. The director will provide information on a regular basis to inform the parents of anything that is newsworthy in the school.

What Parents say

About Us

About our Preschool

Jacob’s Ladder is a unique school. We are a nursey school with day care hours. Typically, Nursery schools are half-day programs. Jacobs Ladder has evolved and our hours have expanded as the community needs have changed. What has not changed is our teaching philosophy along with the love and attention that each child receives. Our class sizes are small and our teacher/child ratios are more than what is required because it is our goal to give every child the attention and quality care and education they deserve.

Our Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is simple. Children learn by “doing”, when they are active participants in their learning. We as teachers provide situations where each child can learn at their own pace and always feel successful. We are focused on teaching to the whole child while they are given the opportunity to explore, interact, experiment, create, and discover. It is a tried and true method where our well prepared teachers support and extend each child’s learning based on their developmental levels so children are school ready and eager to learn.

Our Programs

Our Watch Us Grow Program is designed for children 16 months or older who are not quite ready to separate. This class meets once a week for an hour and 15 minutes and provides a special time for moms, or dads, grandparents, nannies and children to spend together with mornings filled with songs, stories, music, crafts, gym and playtime.

When children are finally ready to separate, they move on to our Playmate classes. Children are required to be two years old by November 1 to enroll. The nurturing environment encourages each child to venture into the social/academic world on his/her own. Children encounter both group and individual activities where they will experience crafts, participate in musical activities, learn shapes, colors, and holidays while working on gross and fine motor skills, independence, socialization and language development.

Our Three year old program is designed to further encourage each child’s social and emotional development. Children are engaged through a thematic, hands-on-approach to learning. With the use of literature, music, crafts, science, math, and creative play, children begin to recognize their name and mathematical concepts that include sorting, grouping, counting, and one- to- one correspondence. Through individual and group activities, children experience texture and weight, make predictions and problem solve all while being encouraged to develop their expressive language. Children at this age begin to work and play together and we often find that this is the year that friendships blossom.

Our Pre K program prepares the children for Kindergarten by differentiating each activity to meet every child’s ability so they become confident learners. There is a focus on letters, language, mathematics, writing, and understanding the written word. We continue to focus on each child’s social and emotional development and encourage independence and individuality. Many activities are provided to assist in fine motor development, which is so important for writing. Both indoor gym time and outdoor playground time help develop a strong core, upper body strength and all gross motor skills. Whether in large or small groups, teacher directed or open play, all activities help foster imaginative play, creativity and a positive sense of self.

The last week in June is the beginning of Summer Camp at Jacob’s Ladder! All of our camp classes focus on science, cooking, creative art, imaginative play, music and indoor and outdoor playtime. Although we do not offer pool time, the children enjoy outdoor water play while splashing about in our water tables and participating in water play games and activities. We offer camp classes for Watch Us Grow, Playmates, Threes, and Pre K. Some summers we even offer our Stepping Stones class, which is for those students entering Kindergarten in the fall. Summer Camp is a half-day program and is available four days a week for seven weeks.

Mini Camp is only offered to current Jacob’s Ladder students who need a fill-in program before Summer Camp begins. It is a two-week program between the end of school and the beginning of Summer Camp,and is offered as either a half-day class or full day class, and must be attended the full two weeks. Children who attend must be in either the Playmates, Threes or Pre K. The thematic daily activities include science, art, music, creative play, indoor and outdoor playground time.

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For additional information about our school please contact Jodi Proefriedt, Early Childhood Director at 516-763-0235 or JLADDER@CSBELI.ORG


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